Our Mission

On a cold winter's night in Beijing, in a smoky and crowded bar, our friends were in the middle of a discussion when we suddenly came to a realisation. This is a city with thousands of foreign students, each with unique stories, perspectives and reasons for packing their lives up and coming to experience a new corner of the world. In each bar and cafe, there's the chance for a heated discussion on any issue of the day, fueled by our vastly different experiences. It is our wish to stretch the boundaries of these discussions, and bring them beyond the city rings. 

From the discussion in this bar springs our mission, to connect driven and insightful people in a discussion of issues that affect us all. And thus, Far and Wide was born. Our aspiration for the project is for a cooperative effort in bringing the most quirky and interesting ideas to people's desktops - from a snow covered cottage in northern Sweden, to a bustling metropolis, to a quiet farm in regional Australia.

Our vision for Far and Wide is to collect ideas on history, politics and culture in an online journal format, to facilitate a global theatre projecting little known and unique stories and perspectives.